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Attractive, exciting, and special beauty body piercing jewelry.

Our community…

Agha Jewelry products are designed for jewelry lovers. No matter your hobbies, age or worldview, we wanted to create a brand that makes body jewelry as universal and important as rings or necklaces. Our jewelry is stylish for any occasion and you can mix and match it to suit your particular needs. The aim here is to make every piece of jewelry your own. We strongly believe that you should not adapt to your jewelry; it should adapt to you. Agha’s clients are people that care about their community. We support local artists in designing our packaging and we deeply mind about the people involved in our world.

We are...

Agha Jewelry is an international company that promotes the exciting culture of body implant jewelry. We want our jewelry to be part of your body’s beauty and the ideal complement to your personal style. Our jewelry is designed to give you those qualities to your day to day. In Agha we not only want to highlight your body beauty but also take care of you and your body. That’s why our jewelry has the highest standards of quality and practicality in body implant grade jewelry and global market trends. Our materials are certified by Olympus Corporation of the Americas by Application Scientist, ANI-XRF and XRD Technologies. Our latest analysis certification was in August 2020. You will find the sizes and designs that fit your body best with fresh new styles, which you can customize by changing the color of your jewelry. You will also have a unique and safe experience, using interactive tools so that you have the ideal jewelry for your piercing. We love our planet and work everyday to preserve it. We aim to be a sustainable company and reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can. This is why, as we have a commitment with you, we also have a commitment with the environment and our society by minimizing the use of non-recyclable materials as much as possible. Likewise, the packaging you wil have in your hands was made by single mothers who want to provide you a rewarding experience. The world of piercing is so big that sometimes we feel overwhelmed and lost. That’s why we are here for you, we want to create together a healthy, exclusive and stylish jewellery community.

Our Beliefs

Our brand is more than our name or our logo. It’s the sum of everything we do and say. -What cares the most for us is your safety. Here you will find innovative and stylish jewelry that is also safe for your body. -We cherish your trust. For this reason we deliver jewelry in perfect condition that complies with international certification from the competent entities, backed up by chemical results. -Charming jewelry. Charming is the quality of being attractive, exciting and special. Our jewelry is designed to give you that to your day to day. -Offering you the best customer service is our priority. When buying our products you must be totally satisfied, otherwise do not hesitate to contact us. Your opinion is very important to us, we work everyday to provide you with a better service. -We care about our planet and those who live in, so we are constantly improving our search for materials that help us reduce our carbon footprint and provide better and more opportunities within the community. -We want to hear from you and build with you! We look forward to you contacting us and let us know your concerns, what you would like to find in our jewelry and your new ideas that you can bring to our community.
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