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When buying a piece of jewelry you have a world of possibilities! That's why you should take a look at some basic elements that will make your choice easier. According to the piercing you have or that you will have, you should have in mind: material, type of closing, gem, cut and sizes.  We want to explain to you as much as possible about our jewelry,  so let's talk about each one of these elements. 

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at info@aghajewelrystore.com. Remember we’re always here for you. 


In Agha Jewelry we want our pieces to be part of your daily life for a long time, bringing you harmony and well-being. That’s why we use the best materials on the market for our jewelry: Titanium ASTM F-136, Gold and steel body implant grade. 

Our materials are certified by Olympus Corporation of the Americas by Application Scientist, ANI-XRF and XRD Technologies. Our latest analysis certification was in August 2020.

Titanium ASTM F136 and Niobium, care and versatility for your body and style

GOLD, durability and beauty in each piece

Steel ASTM F-138, biocompatible and safe. 



When you are looking for jewelry you’re going to realize that there are different types of closure. Each one has its own mechanism and according to the locations of your piercing, the practicality you are looking for and if it is or not your first piercing will work one or the other. 


Internally threaded: the threading is inside the jewel so the accessory screws into it. If you are longing for a new piercing, or if you already have a healed one, this can be a fine option since the surface that comes into contact with the skin is smooth and without sharp edges. And does not allow the accumulation of residue that can generate infections in your piercing. Remember that this type of closing can be found mainly in titanium jewelry. They also tend to be more durable!



Threadless: threads are not invited to the party. Instead, the mechanism relies on the tension/friction between the pin and the inside of the jewel. They have a smooth surface which keeps the skin safe. They are easy to use since there is no screwing involved, the manipulation is easier and you can adjust the desired tension. Remember it’s important to bend the top pin a little bit before you introduce it in the bottom to get the fit.  



Clicker: this mechanism you will find in “infinite” ring or hoops in which the bar is connected and it’s closed by  a “click”.  At one end of the bar you will find a tip that will be inserted with pressure into the hole located at the other end of the ring. The clicker offers an easy, fast and convenient way to secure your jewelry as it works with pressure and is versatile as it can be used in different piercings. 



Captive Bead Ring (CBR): voilà, an incomplete ring with a metal ball slightly larger than the opening of the ring. The pressure between the ring’s end-points secures the metal ball. This type of jewelry is very unlikely to snag on clothes because of its enclosed design. 

Now  you can find a wide variety of accessories for your CBR, such as gemstones in different colors and sizes.



Seamlesspracticality is the last name of this kind of jewels. it's one of the simplest methods for securing jewelry: it consists of a ring with a tiny opening that can be bent in order to put it through the piercing hole. 



For jewelry with gems, you also have several types of settings to choose from: 



Bezel setting: the protagonist here is a thin band of metal that surrounds the gemstone in order to protect it. This setting prevents snagging on clothes. 

In Agha Jewelry we use this setting for most of our products, so glue or adhesives to keep the gemstone in place aren´t part of the ingredients of our recipes. 



Prong setting: it makes more of the gemstone visible in comparison to other settings since it´s held in place by a number of thin “claws” or prongs. 




Cubic Zirconia: this type of synthetic gemstone makes your jewelry look and feel like a diamond. 



Swarovski Zirconia: Swarovski has upgraded the manufacturing process for zirconia and gave birth to a branded variant: brighter gems that most closely resemble real diamonds by the form the light came into your christal by the triangular cut form. 



Flat Swarovski Crystal:  Swarovski´s patented cutting methods are responsible for the amazing sparkling in their crystals. The flat surface on one of their sides allows them to fit into jewels without protruding too much. 



Cabochon-cut opals: Opals are mineraloids composed of silica. Surprisingly they come in almost any color of the visual spectrum! Cabochon refers to a dome-shaped cut. 

Here at Agha Jewelry, we use cabochon opals in our jewelry to give them a distinct look and allow the use of close to skin jewels. 



At Agha Jewelry you will find a huge variety of colors in our jewelry to bring even more magic to your body. 


Opal Colours

Swarovski Colours